Wishing Circle

About wishes and more



Mana dragged his feet home. He kicked the gravel on the road. Mana did not like going home on days that his mother was not home. Mala, his older sister, was also no fun on such days. She would be on the phone all day long, how could she talk for hours. Mana started picking up pebbles from the road and throwing them far. He was picking up his fifth pebble to throw when he saw the kite in the sky. How Mana wished. The string of the kite was broken and it was falling down. Mana dropped his bag and started running. He ran as fast as he could and he reached it. Thank God it had fallen on the road and not in someone’s house. Mana picked up the kite. It was yellow, blue and orange. Not torn from anywhere. He loved it. Mana skipped back to pick up his bag and then ran home. Mana was going to fly his kite all day long.


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