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My first blog award!

learningandgrowing02(http://learningandgrowing02.wordpress.com/) recently nominated me for the candle light award. A pleasant surprise, not something I fully deserve but completely appreciate.

There is this child in me which is immensely happy because of this small gesture and wants to strive to deserve it now. Thanks!

Now to nominate some of my favorite people in the blogosphere

1. Eric lagan(http://ericalaganfanclub.wordpress.com)
2. Pat Cegan(http://patcegan.wordpress.com)
3. Free Spririts United(http://freespiritsunited.com/)
4. Ann Marie (http://mommasmoneymatters.wordpress.com)


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8 thoughts on “My first blog award!

  1. Congratulations honey! 🙂

  2. Oh, yes, you do deserve it!! And thank you for passing it on to me!

    Great big CONGRATS!

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  4. Congratulations on landing The Candle Lighter Award. This is a great honour and recognition.

    Thank you also for nominating me as a Candle. Every award is treasured as continued recognition of my efforts.

    Happy blogging and all good wishes,

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