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Joy vs Happiness; Sorrow vs Unhappiness


Birth of a child,
A promotion,
Seasons’ first rain,
Loves’ first kiss,
There are certain things in our lives, which give us immense joy, provide sheer ecstacy.
They are but temporary feelings of joy.

Happiness, the ability to enjoy the moment and also know its temporary.
Happiness, the ability to deal with pain and also know its temporary.
Happiness, the feeling of hope and love inside, no matter what is happening outside.
Happiness, what every human deserves and can get!


A death in the family,
A loss of job,
Unrequited love,
There are certain things in life that cause us a lot of pain,
But they too pass.

Unhappy, When you think what has happened is the end of you.
Unhappy, When you think there is no hope in life.
Unhappy, When you think you are unlucky.
Unhappy, Only when you think.


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13 thoughts on “Joy vs Happiness; Sorrow vs Unhappiness

  1. Nice distinctions. I like this very much! hugs, pat

  2. Very nicely done! πŸ™‚

  3. It’s always amazing to me how completely emotions (happiness and unhappiness) are made in my mind. Great post.

  4. The last line nails it. πŸ™‚ Reminded me of Geetha ka saar that my Dadaji once explained to me. Thanks.

  5. Emotions wonderfully presented in words/verse. Great post, Gunjan.

  6. This too shall pass indeed – one thing we can know for sure about our joys and our sorrows πŸ™‚ Angie

  7. congrats i have nominated you for the candle light award… πŸ˜€ for more info…

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