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The Steering wheel of life.

While driving back from work this evening (rush hour), I was stuck behind two buses for some time. I felt very uncomfortable, for those few moments, because I had to follow them blindly, trust the bus drivers’ decision/instincts rather than my own. I feel so much better when I am in control of my own driving, and the same is true for life.

Instead of following or blaming on destiny, I take full responsibility of everything in life. I believe, I am the one responsible for the good and the bad that happens to me. My past deeds decide my Karma and my circumstances, but my current thinking decides what I make of these circumstances. I decide what I want to do, not follow the herd, not what others think is best for me, or what society expects.

I and I only I decide what I do.

I and only I make myself happy or sad.

Do you have any excuse to be sad?


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4 thoughts on “The Steering wheel of life.

  1. Kind of goes with Ann Marie’s <a href="http://mommasmoneymatters.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/failure/"<What's your level? You guys must have been thinking alike today:) We need to all take responsibility for our own lives — failures, successes, joys, happinesses…. Angie

  2. I agree with your sentiments. Peace, Eric

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