Wishing Circle

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Let it go!

Spilled milk on the table cloth,
It can be washed,
Won’t matter in an hour,
Let it go.

Enjoy the extra minutes in bed,
It won’t matter tomorrow,
Let it go.

Hit the car on the curb,
It looks rather bad,
Will cost insurance and take time,
Won’t matter next month,
Let it go.

Do you fret over small things?
Would that change your life?
Why worry over what is done?
Why think about what could have been?
These are small things,
Your breath is worth a lot more,
Let it go!


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2 thoughts on “Let it go!

  1. So true. One of the best lessons I ever learned was to LET IT GO! So many things we fret about have no eternal value and are not worth wasting breath or brain cells on:) Angie

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