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Anger and our take on it!

I have been meaning to writing this post since yesterday. It is difficult for me. Anger is one negative emotion that I have struggled with.

Anger and our take on it!

He is angry with you,
He shouts,
it hurts your ego,
you react by either shouting back,
or sulking.

You have learnt his anger is not worth it,
He shouts,
Still hurts your ego,
You ignore,
Continue doing what you were,
as if the shout never happened.

You have spent some time thinking,
You understand that anger is external,
Something inside is bad.
You realize it has nothing to do with your ego.
You ignore the anger,
You talk later.

He has now understood what disturbs him,
He is working on it.
There is no hurt inside,
There is no anger outside.


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3 thoughts on “Anger and our take on it!

  1. very hard to do… 😦

  2. Very hard to do. But good to realize and work slowly on. We’re humans but we strive to be better humans.

  3. vijeta on said:

    anger is one emotion i have taken refuge in when i have felt sad, mad or plain bad… somehow it used to feel stronger than the tears… Now when i struggle with it, try to control it, it threatens to become a rage… funny crying calms me down now.

    yes, it is difficult to control it, but since i know it it can be done.

    Thanks for posting. Love and hugs

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