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Thinking aloud…

Going aways from my usual posts today. For one, I am tired and for another a strange thought came to me today. I was always the class clown. At work people say that the aisle I sit on is generally fun. But every time I sit down to write, I am ever so serious and that makes me wonder where does it come from?
When I speak, there are wise cracks, when I write only serious thoughts. I am neither the clown nor the stupidest person around here. Does this change when writing happen to any one else? Is it that my inside which I rarely acknowledge in the run of the day all serious?

I know I am a truly happy person inside. When I laugh and play with people, I am not acting. Then where does this writer come from?

Would love to hear others thoughts on this.



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9 thoughts on “Thinking aloud…

  1. Marc Schuster on said:

    I’ve experienced the same thing from time to time. I think it has something to do with using the tools of the class clown — the innate ability to make people laugh — to make friends and keep people happy while in public. But since writing is private, we don’t feel that unconscious pressure to keep people entertained, and so we can tune into our more serious thoughts.

    • Guess its all about the subconscious then. I don’t need to work hard to make people laugh and then I don’t spend too much time thinking when I write either. I do what comes naturally on both occasions. Makes sense to think, my subconscious controls me differently on the two occasions. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Yes, this happens to me too and I have learned to go with the voice that wants to live on the page. It is not always the same because we are not always the same. Keep writing.

  3. When you write you unleash not only thoughts that are rarely exercised in the day to day life but sometimes ala totally different person – one I like to call the stranger in the heart. Don’t know why or how, all I can say is it happens with many of us. You are not alone. Its probably a gift. Enjoy it. 🙂

  4. I usually get more serious when I write also. Perhaps it is because I know others will read it and I will not be around to make sure they understood it in the way I meant it. Something that is written can be read years later so there is a responsibility that comes into play to be clear and truthful, etc.

    • Thanks for the comment. Its good to know I am not the only one. I also feel that when I sit down to write on this blog, its almost meditative. I think about the things that matter, some which I like, some I need to change. I helps me look at myself more closely. Most of what I write here are notes to myself. But it seems it applies to others too.

  5. I agree with the others that you should keep on writing. Truth is that we are multi-faceted. The fact that you make others laugh in your daily life is wonderful. But writing is often reflective, more a time for processing and getting in touch with other parts of yourself. Create what wants to be created!

    And thank you for visiting and ‘liking’ my blog. Namaste.

  6. My dear friend John, from The Aware Writer, has written loads about this in his series on Dragons. He sees the inner creative voice as a dragon.

    While I often write about the same things I speak about in person, I will try on new subjects and let myself be less serious when I write than otherwise I would do in person. Writing is really freeing, regardless of which extreme you choose.


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