Wishing Circle

About wishes and more


A four letter word
first love your biggest joy
unrequited love its the greatest pain.
A mothers love is it really unconditional?
Despite the tangles a moms heart is in always
I know now, because of my mother, it is.
A fathers love that’s your pillar,
what gives you strength to be you
A friends love makes life fun.

But the toughest love to keep
is when you live with a person day and night
No blood ties here
Moods and tempers can’t always be even
Pressures of life push you down.
But if despite that you can wake up every morning
with a smile on your face
hold when they need a hold
kiss when they need a kiss
fight sometimes to keep your sanity
But forgive.
If you can love that love
that love that lasts years and years and years
then you have truly loved.


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