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The wings are meant to fly!

When was the last time you spread your wings
Don’t you know they get rusty if you give them a miss.
If its been a while,
then just flag them twice.
Oil them maybe but they will fly you just as nice.

I know till I was five, I used them everyday,
At 17 only at times.
I was 25 when I kept them inside.
I have been polishing them all week, do you think them I can take?

You might need some practice,
you might fall once of twice
But the wings you have are good for life.
They are made specially for you and they are yours alone
They are your wings make good use.

I am 80 today,
I have flown with the eagles
touched all the peaks
I can close my eyes
I find peace.


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One thought on “The wings are meant to fly!

  1. Ur best so far..:) keep at it girl..

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