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Wishes or Thanks – What would you chose?

Sometimes I wish I were perfect. I look at others and I yearn for something different. Sometimes I wish I were pretty. Sometimes I wish I had more money. And sometimes I just wish.
I feel I have to work too hard. I feel my husband does not love me anymore. I feel my life would have been better if my kids were older. I feel I would be happier if I lived somewhere else.

Then one day I question myself.
What is it that I really wish for?
Is it the outside that makes me happy?
Or is it the inside that makes me so?

So I start an experiment.
I start to think that everything around me is how it’s meant to be
I start thanking for looking the way I do.
I thank for the money I have and the good life it affords.
I thank that I have two kids instead of one because they are so happy together
I thank for the odd ways in which my husband shows me love
I thank for the lovely house I have and the fact that it’s right next door to my office.
And as I start thanking, I realise my life is just perfect the way it is.


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3 thoughts on “Wishes or Thanks – What would you chose?

  1. It’s a coincidence that I got to read your thoughts today, when this morning when I woke up grumpy and wanted to cheer myself, I started talking to myself counting my blessings like the warm bed that saves me in this cold weather where many people have to sleep in a thin blanket on the side walks. It’s true that whatever we have is in accordance with God’s plan and it is just perfect.
    As far as your writing style is concerned, you are an artist. keep up the good work and keep us posted with the valuable thoughts.

  2. You are so very right – we have so much to thank for.

    Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I have done likewise to follow your posts. Will return to trawl. Meanwhile,

    All the very best for 2012,

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