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What got me thinking today is the peppy AIRTEL add “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai”. And as someone who, others think has too many friends and the same someone who thinks the world of her friends, I cannot agree more. My oldest friend, we have fought, had our share of misunderstandings, grown up into two extremely different women. Still she is a phone call away and I am happy because she is. My most difficult, at the same time my most lovable friend. She has been asking me for my new number for two months now – is probably very angry with me right now. But if I call her now and say I am upset, she will immediately say “Billi, Go buy a five star from me”. She is the only friend who will say that to me really. My stupidest friend, she is a banker, successful to. Still as stupid in the matters of the heart as when we first met – still carries her heart on the sleeve. My first roommate, the first person when I was away from my family for the first time and was totally lost, took care of me like my mom. My bad girl friend – the rebel in college – smoke, booze, five stars (for me) on rooftop – now a mother, the best wife around. My craziest friend – who liked me before she ever spoke with me, at the same time, confessed she rarely liked people. My tomboy friend – the only one I have climbed trees with and ran after boys with – a teacher today. My jealous friend – I have always been scared of Scorpios(the sign) because of her temper. I have two Scorpio kids of my own today. My religious friend, who never missed a rosa, fell for the wrong guy. Was so badly broken but is today living life like no other. My rock – I have always wanted to have her stability in me. Rock for everyone, but yes, she has had her pain and insecurities. The fighter, she could put any one in his/her place back in school. Life is given her so much to fight with as she has grown and that is what made her easy and fun. Then there is this friend, I went to shrink with – so happy today. The last friend, the one I was embarrassed to be friends with. I have no idea where she is today.


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One thought on “Friends!

  1. It is said that coffee never knew how good it could taste before it met sugar, water and milk. Friends are just the same- we are good, but when we meet we’re the best. I love reading every bit you write but this piece I found the best.

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