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For a little bit of madness!

I called up my craziest best friend the other day. We’re both mothers now. We talk about kids and day cares and maids. But somewhere while talking to her, I can still laugh at the silliness on our worries. Forget all the responsobilies and plan some things really stupid. Remember the past, cold coffee with icecream (shake shake shake) at the hostel.The mother dairy shop keeper where we used to buy icecreams for the shake. Never a smile, always rude. The one time that she broke his scissors leading to laughter till tears came our of our eyes. Her stubbing a rude conductor on our first and only late night interstate bus trip, leading to giggles all night long. Talking to her I realized that I had become too sane for my own good. To be happ(ier), I need my madness and my mad friends in my life so much.

Recently, this blog, budhism, bunking office to catch movies is doing just that. Making me a liitle mad again, making me me again!


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2 thoughts on “For a little bit of madness!

  1. WE CAN NEVER forget about oursleves >>> “anymore”…..

  2. 🙂 Yup we can’t. Thanks for visiting.

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